My top 5 TV shows of 2022

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Decisions, decisions!

This hasn’t been an easy process as we’ve had some fantastic TV in 2022, many of which have got us through the (questionable) year. If (unlike me) you’ve managed to take some time off during the holiday season, here are some TV shows I’d highly recommend. From brutal landscapes in The English to rapid fire one liners in mokumentary Abbott Elementary these shows have had me on the edge of my seat throughout this past year.

5. The Vow

Sky – Season 1 and 2

The Vow is a HBO docu-series about the self improvement group NXIVM, founded by Keith Raniere in New York. Season 1 opens on a group of ex members gathering evidence against Raniere for human trafficking, sex offences and racketeering. A rare but truthful crime series parades Raniere’s psychological manipulation whilst examining the insidious appeal to join a mysterious human development group.

4. Abbott Elementary 

Apple TV/Disney – Season 1 and 2

A group of teachers take us on a hilarious tour of Abbott Elementary school, in this 13 part mockumentary. We’re presented with a school in decline, lacking resources with an unhinged head teacher which comes with painful laughs and priceless comedy. Pitch perfect delivery from a diverse cast makes the humour all the more relatable. Most importantly the take-away message tells us why they do what they do. ‘I could make more work in the street, easy.’

3. Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

Channel 4 on demand

Originally made for youtube, this dark parody, of childrens’ television, tackles a variety of topics within each of the 6 episodes. From ‘Jobs’ to ‘death’ Red Guy, Yellow Guy and Duck find themselves in one existential crisis after another as they navigate the ‘impossibility of ever doing something truly new and exciting’. A common thread that runs through every episode. Unsettlingly funny and nightmarish, channel 4 celebrates the arrival of the absurd onto mainstream television with this cheery yet grotesque show and I’m here for it! Maybe just don’t watch it alone at night.

2. The Traitors

BBC Iplayer

22 strangers, one castle, 120k and Claudia Winkleman! The perfect recipe for a compelling thriller of a reality TV game, filled with truth, deception and desperation! With the dramatic irony dropped from the get go we’re in on who the traitors are. Not only does this cleverly add to the suspense we’ve all been seeking in a reality whodunnit type of drama but also ignites a fierce loyalty towards the traitors! Or was that just me? Of course correct me if I’m wrong by bingeing all 12 episodes!  

And drumroll please for first place




1. The English

BBC Iplayer

A stunning tale of loss, vengeance and a land shaped by violence, this 6 part drama highly original old western speaks for itself. Not to mention the most beautiful cinematography I’ve ever experienced. A surmountable cast gives rise in an American sandstorm, and sees Emily Blunt give the best performance of her career. And no western should be complete without the accurate representation of Native Americans. Hollywood’s reluctance to change, historically portraying them as wild warriors – yet another obstacle for ‘civilised’ white people to overcome, has been all too gradual. But The English foregrounds the Native American experience of colonisation and centres’ often sidelined characters as our hero. Finally! This is what I’ll be watching again over the holidays and absolutely cannot wait.

So there you have it

My top 5 TV shows to binge watch during the holidays and well into 2023. What were your favourites? And do you agree? Have an amazing New Year.