The Inspire Programme at The Hampstead Theatre

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The Inspire Programme is a year long writers programme run by Roy Williams (Playwright) and Davina Moss (Literary Manager). This year we’ve also had access to the theatre’s Director Roxanna Silbert. We attend monthly workshops with Roy and other Writers to inspire our writing and the programme has enabled us to complete brand new scripts. It also means that we will have a relationship with the building for any other work we would like them to read, in the future.

On my way to my first meeting back in March 2020 I was so excited to meet with another set of writers. I had just finished rehearsals for the day for a show called Testmatch and had been working with actors for a while which meant I was on another level energy wise. I was looking forward to being the moody subdued writer who expresses themselves mainly through their words for the evening.

But then came the cancelled meeting email. And since then…we’ve never met! It’s been an incredibly difficult year for everyone. being a part of this group has kept me going where I have written a new play, which I would not have been able to do without the theatre’s support. My desire to continue writing is also often met by other group members who feel just as passionate about theatre as I do.

Every month we’ve met with some incredible writers who have imparted such encouraging words to help keep us feeling that sense of purpose in what we’re doing.

Though none of us have any control over the closures of businesses, theatres and organisations we can change the way we feel and even use what has happened to change the way we work in the future.