Mind, Body, Sew – a short play at The Savoy

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Shortly after performing an extract of Divided a friend of mine recommended me to Soul City Arts who were looking for a Writer and Performer to take part in three fundraising events called Mind, Body and Sew. They wanted an artist to write from the perspective of someone experiencing Psychosis.

I was given a case study of a schizophrenic girl, who’s family would lock her up in a room because they didn’t know how to deal or treat her. It was easy to portray the cruelty of the parents and the sadness of the girl experiencing episodes but I wanted to create an understanding for both. The Director decided to situate the character inside a perspex box to illustrate her feelings of being trapped. The objective of the performance, however, was to raise money for a charity that allows women to get appropriate help and to gain autonomy and independence through sewing.

The three events ended up raising up to £500,000.

Take a look at the video here

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